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  July - December 2024 programme of walks and events

Walk Secretaries

If you would like details of any of the walks please contact the walk leader on the following:
Geoff Lambert - 07788 289476 (Short walks)  or  John Mason - 07710 294968 (Longer walks)

Short walks are usually half day duration of about 5-6 miles long with a drinks break mid morning.

Longer walks are full day of over 6 miles long with a drinks break mid morning and then lunch mid-day.

Confirmation of walk

It is always advisable to check with the leader 24 hours before as

the walk may be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. The

weather may be a particular problem in January and February.


Car sharing is encouraged and where appropriate, a suitable contribution to fuel costs is suggested between both parties.

July - December 2024
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